I’m Amber Keagle (said like “bagel”) and thanks for checking out this portion of my photography website!

I haven’t updated my site in awhile due to some circumstances in my life, but I’m still available for a limited number of sessions every month.

On the personal side-  Four  young men, and one young lady call me “Mom” (also “mean”, “rude”, and “weird”) and 3 cats communicate with me accordingly.

 I love weather, fitness, fall, being outdoors, painting, and pushing myself outside of my comfort zone. I enjoy bird watching, personality studies and behavioral observations, psychology, reading, writing, classical music, actually... music in general, and food.

In addition to photography, I work full-time as a Catalog & ILL Specialist at the Mount Pleasant Public Library.

On the business side- I get the greatest pleasure from photographing families and children of all ages. 

I approach sessions with a laid back style and a "go with the flow" attitude that's perfect for families with young children or those with special needs, as I have a couple of those in my own heartful. I have plenty of understanding and patience. You need not worry. I like spending the first portion of your session doing more traditional photos, and after that we just kind of have fun. This shouldn't be a painful memory for anyone.

I'd love to spend time with you and your family, so if you'd like to spend time with me... send me a message :)