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In the mean time, I'm considering doing a super-mini session set some time in June or July. I'm not sure what all it will involve, but I'm thinking cold treats and bare feets! I'll keep the blog updated and share on Facebook when I finish putting it together.



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SPRING MINI SESSIONS! This amazing weather has me itching for some spring photo sessions! Woohoo!


From now until Memorial Day, all mini-sessions are just $135 (tax incl.) This includes a half hour of shooting time and all your best shots on disc with photo print release.


This would be a GREAT opportunity for family photos to spruce up your space in light of all the spring cleaning you'll be doing... right? ;) You can give your Easter attire a second wind or just come comfy and play with me in this glorious spring weather. 


Weekday evenings and weekends available. Message or e-mail with questions or to schedule!



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2015 Fall & Winter mini sessions!      


It's mini session time! The taller grasses are back this year! So it should be even more beautiful. These are always a fun time for families and kids... and ME!

----> Both Fall and Winter Mini sessions will take place on my property... my outdoor studio ;)

----> Each session lasts approximately 20 minutes

----> You'll get your choice of 5 high resolution photos, downloaded directly from your online gallery (Option to purchase more; discs available)

----> $135 (tax included)

----> $50 to reserve your spot (applied toward session price)


Fall Mini Sessions will be held Saturday, October 17 at the following times:







Sunset this day will be at 6:22. Earlier time slots may contain harsh light, but I'll be doing my best to move sets with the sun so you'll have the best possible light for your session.


Sets available:

Pumpkin stand with pumpkins

Green vintage couch in the tall grass

Quilt (I have a few to choose from)


Winter Mini Sessions will be held Sunday, November 1 at the following times:







Sunset this day will be at 5:01. Earlier time slots may contain harsh light, but I'll be doing my best to move sets with the sun so you'll have the best possible light for your session.


Sets available:

Quilt & Hot cocoa (Cocoa consumption is optional ;) I'm kind of looking forward to this one this year!)

Christmas Tree stand

Green vintage couch (possibly set in a different location than the fall minis)

AND once again, the snow machine will make an appearance  for the sets, or just random dancing in grass.. which is so much fun. The snow "flakes" are actually tiny chunks of bubbles. I haven't seen any kid maintain a frown with this activity.






In the case of inclement weather, fall sessions will be rescheduled on the 18th in October and winter sessions on the 15th of November. Don't sweat it, we'll get it!



For questions or to reserve your spot:

e-mail: [email protected]

call or text: 319-931-4398

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Mini Sessions! Now to early fall! Half hour mini sessions are offered through the summer and  early fall weekday evenings!

Mini sessions take place in one location and offer a low-to-no frills experience. Simple. You.

These are absolutely perfect for those who want to get down to business and still have beautiful images. Families and children are fantastic candidates for this session style.

Mini sessions include a minimum of 10 images on disc with print release. And, as always, you have the option to purchase professional prints and wall art directly from me :)

Mini sessions are just $150 (tax included) and can be booked Monday-Friday after 6pm.


If you're interested in a mini session event (which runs 20 minutes, 5 image minimum, for $135) what would you like to see? Would you like a theme? Props? I'm open to ideas! I had a blast with the mother and daughter tutu sessions last year, as well as the super hero sessions. I was considering doing away with the tutu and cape aspect and stripping it down to something fun with your kids. Such as playing together. Cards, checkers, reading, swinging, etc. What do you think? All family members welcome :)

I'll still be doing my mini sessions in November which are fall and Christmas centered, so that base has been covered, but I'd like something this summer.


Alrighty, that's all I have for now! Can't wait to hear your ideas!



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I've been hiding... but I'm still here!  

If you followed me on Facebook, you may or may not have noticed that my page vanished at the beginning of January. I wasn't sure how long I was going to keep it down, but right now it's looking to be a permanent thing.  I have NOT stopped shooting!! You can reach me from my website, send me an e-mail, or give me a call instead.

I've created an Instagram account that will allow me share a bit more simply, so be sure to follow me there (amberkeaglephotography) if you want to stay in the know.

I'll continue to focus on sharing specials, creative session opportunities, and session photos on my blog where the link can easily be shared with your friends and family on social media.

I should be back in internet full swing in a few weeks as I update my website with sessions past and give it a little facelift. There's also the potential of a new mini session announcement. 

Thanks so much for your patience during this transition that will allow me to better serve you, me, and my family. Have a great Friday! 

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Ella | Southeast Iowa Child and Family Photographer Ella is two now! I've been so blessed to photograph her over the last 2 years. This time, Mom and Dad got in on the action, too! 

These were taken on a warm December day. Enjoy :)




Fake snow. You gotta do what you gotta do to get those grins!


Thanks for the boost, Dad!

Kids just love this tire swing!! Ella was no exception :)

These were done before Christmas, so I still had this set up. Trying to put on her shoes. Daddy making her smile!


Trying to get her to hold up 2 fingers.

Thanks for taking a peek at this lovely little family!

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Eliza, Mom, and Dad | Southeast Iowa Family and Child Photographer  

I had the pleasure of photographing Eliza and her little family a couple of weeks ago. They are all so wonderful. And, today is Eliza's first birthday! She was the New Year's baby for 2014 at Great River Medical Center. Here's a link to the article from the Hawkeye, if you're interested.

Jessica Mickey of Eyris Photography photographed her as a newborn, and is such a talented photographer. You'll have to take a peek at her work. Here's one of Eliza's newborn photos.


This session had a couple of extra special touches with an old quit, and an old quilt bear Megan's  grandmother made for Megan when she was little. Both are in amazing shape and were an adorable addition to this session. I absolutely LOVE things with nostalgia in photos. Enjoy :)


For the love of grass...

I really love Megan's feet.. and Brandon's foot (lol) in this one. It was unintentional, but I love that she's looking up at her parents. And playing with her toes :)

Rosy cheeks. hehe :)

Her headband lasted 3 seconds. Literally.

Babies and books <3

And her eyes are still a gorgeous blue.


Happy first birthday, Eliza!




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The Hudsons | Southeast Iowa Family Photographer  

This blog is a wee bit over due, but it's still worth sharing any day, and today is a great day to share it.

I met Shawna last summer, shortly after her family moved to Mt. Pleasant. I was so blessed to meet them and photograph them. They are such an amazing crew of four.

A few months ago her husband, Chad, became very ill and required a pretty invasive surgery. Shawna's amazing friend has many more details on this challenging time they faced. So PLEASE read this blog post-


Chad is proof that miracles do happen. God is good.

After Chad returned home from his 50 day hospital stay, Shawna contacted me to do another session of her family (What an honor that was to me!!) and for thank-you cards to show her gratitude of those who prayed with her, and were there for her family when she was faced with an extremely challenging time (to say the least) 

This session was very short, as Chad was still fairly weak. But I still enjoyed every minute of it. It even snowed for us! It had just started right as I was leaving my house for their session.

This family is so blessed, so loved, and is such an inspiration to my faith and the faith of others <3

#teamhudson #godsgotthis


Shawna is an amazing woman, wife, and mother. You rock, Shawna!

These two kiddos are pretty awesome, too :)

So much love for dad...

There's no place like home, on your own couch with your family.

God bless you, Hudsons!

Go read their story if you didn't! Seriously! 

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Cassiday Crew | Southeast Iowa Family Photographer I had the opportunity to get together with this little family for some quick family photos. I did Danielle's senior photos, so it was nice to see her again! Enjoy :)



2 guesses who the joker is in the royal family.



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Baby Maddex | Southeast Iowa Newborn Photographer I am so excited for you to meet Mr. Maddex and his family! There are few things I learned about this guy during his just shy of 2 weeks life.

1- He likes his pacifier. A LOT

2- He likes to be awake when he "should" be sleeping

3- He likes to eat often (which could be said for most newborns)

4- He loves his mommy, daddy, and big brother

5- He is adorable


He certainly is a blessing! Here's a little more than a peek...



We spent a lot of time on the couches. Snuggling and feeding...



And counting fingers.


I suppose I could add a number 6 above in that he looked at me for this photo. Score!


Brothers. Pretty sure Maddex is throwing up the peace sign.

Daddy teasing big brother with the pacifier.

Counting toes!


Big brother picked out this special ornament for Baby Maddex

Counting again ;)


Playing with Mommy's hair

Allison, you are such a beautiful mother!


And then he fell asleep for 2 minutes. This is the only way he would chill in the basket. I guess we'll just roll with the boss!

Even when he slept... he was awake ;)

Woot, woot! For the Hawk fans! (That was hard to type...) Look at all that tiny,  smooshed baby goodness!



This lamp was awesome! Elephants galore. (Free-lensing on this shot for those curious why it's super blurry to one side)

The good stuff.

 This mobile is so awesome!! His auntie made it for him. Such a crafter she is.



Yes you are, Baby Maddex. Yes, you are.



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Jill & Dakoda | Southeast Iowa Maternity Photographer About a week and a half ago, we had a break from the cold. Thankfully it was put to good use for Jill's maternity session.

We chose her parents' farm for the location,  also a place where her little dude on the outside is familiar with. Loads of smiles from him,  and a few from his daddy, too.

Jill and Dakoda make some pretty cute kids. I can't wait to meet this new little guy.


I asked him how big the baby was. This was his first response...

And this was his second...


Lovin' little brother!

The end! :)

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Moms and Sons are SUPER Over the last few months I've had moms ask if I would be doing something for moms and sons. I knew I wanted to, but I wasn't quite sure what to do. Over the weekend I was chatting with one of the tutu moms and she had a great idea.

So, Moms with little men.... SUPER moms with little men... little super hero men... tie on your capes and save the day! Or... put a cape on your guys and YOU be the bad guy! Maybe bring dad and hold him hostage for a shot, or the dog, whatever floats your boat.  Or you could be a side kick. So many fun things to do! Be creative! HAVE FUN!  

Sessions are offered at NO COST and include one photo (additional photos available for purchase) so put some thought into what you want for your session! However, I must see capes!

Space is very limited, so if you are interested please contact me asap and I can keep you updated on  times and other details! Current location will be downtown Mt. Pleasant on July 19.

Need a cape? Let me know, and I'll put you in contact with my cape maker :) If you like the old fashioned knotted towel, that's cool, too!


I hope to hear from you soon!



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June Mini Details! Since June is still a month and a half or so away, I’m not able to provide accurate examples of the sets right now, so I’m just going to describe them to you the best that I can until it gets closer.


June 2- East Lake (Family)

If you’re looking for open spaces, or some warm sunlight in your family photos, this is the day for you. Lake, trees, open fields. Simple and clean, with ample room to run about or just sit in the grass and smile. Furry family members welcome!



June 3- Oakland Mills (Family)

If you’re looking for something a little more rustic for your family photos, this day is for you. Bridge, river, rocks, and trees provide a naturally beautiful set.  Walking hand in hand and just enjoying being together.  It kind of speaks for itself.



June 5- Country Bubble Bath (Kids)

This is for babies sitting up well to age 5 or 6. If you have multiple children, fear not… though the tub may not fit two, we can get them all in the photo in some adorable ways. There will be bubbles (Baby Magic), and the water will be warm. Undergarment cover provided. Please have kids in swim diaper if not potty trained. Fresh water changes and cleanse between sessions. Some little extra details will be about the tub. A smaller tub (bowl) will be used for babies and the larger metal wash tub for the older kids. I’m not sure yet where I’ll have the set for certain yet, but either in front of a fence or in open grass. These would make for fantastic photos to display in your mud room or bathroom... or any room you'd like to smile in. Your kids will love this, so will you.

  7:15 * 7:45

The bubble bath sessions would be smashing for babies and toddlers that aren't big smilers. My 2 little boys didn't want to get out, and they do not like their pictures taken. They were so caught up in the fun of taking a bath outside, they weren't even paying attention.  My 6 year old is the one splashing. I'd probably not go over 5 or 6 years of age for the actual bath, depending on personality of your kiddo. :)


June 6- Free Style (Family & Kids)

I previously had a laundry theme here, but no interest was given, so I'm opening it up to families and kids!! This time of day is magical. Perfect for family photos, or your little ones in the open grass.

 7:15 *  7:45


June 7- (Family or Kids)

Free Style (family or kids)- Hang out in the shade with your family on a quilt spread on the ground. Laugh and giggle or smile and look at me. This is a free style session and you can do whatever you want!

 5:00 * 5:30 * 6:00

Tire swings (family or kids)- I am so super excited to use my “new” tire swings. So much fun for kids (and adults!)  A unique touch for family photos.



Please reserve one of these sessions for your children and family that are timeless pieces that you can display and enjoy forever.  Seriously… country bubble bath… come on. Show me some chunky babies having fun in the bubbles!

I have lots of time slots, lots of options, you get to choose! But if you just can’t decide what you’d like to do, schedule a full session and we can do several of these things!

Mini sessions are $125 and include 5 digital images with print release. Each session lasts 15 to 20 minutes.

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Annaliese & Aiden  


Please meet Annaliese and Aiden. I had the pleasure of photographing these two last month.



Annaliese and Aiden were due to arrive February 5, 2014, but made their entrance 14 weeks early on November 1, 2013. Annaliese weighed 1lb 15oz, and was 13 inches long and Aiden 2lbs 4.5oz, and 14.5 inches long.


(photos by Gabriella)

"When I got to the NICU there were these little tiny bodies that were laying there with their skin almost transparent and their legs as long as my husband's pinky finger. I was so happy, sad, worried, and so many more emotions. All I could think of was 'Are my babies going to live?' They looked so helpless and sad and so, so, itty bitty. We weren't allowed to hold them, but we were able to touch them. However, with our touch we couldn't stroke their skin. It had to be just a solid touch without moving because that would put them in distress. This was probably one of the most emotional times I will have ever had in my entire lifetime.", says Gabriella.


Look how much they've grown....

Parents Gabriella and Tanner live in Cedar Rapids. They tried to plan it so the babies were fed right before they left to their session with me. They ended up needing to eat a bit more after they got here. Gabriella said that was nice though,  because then they got pictures of them feeding the twins and "it's always nice to have those pictures of what you do on a daily basis."



After their tummies were nice and full and they had burped, they chilled out.



Babies seem to love this bean bag.



"It was a very good experience to have the babies photographed. I wasn't nervous at all I was super excited and thought they would turn out great. And they did!" says Gabriella. Which, of course, makes me so happy! I am truly blessed to get to meet and photograph some wonderful people, and amazing babies, especially these adorable bundles.



I asked Gabriella if she had any concerns before her session, "I didn't really worry too much. The only thing that kind of worried me is that my twins are both on oxygen and I wanted most of the pictures to be without their oxygen in their nose so that we could have some without cords on their face since they have had cords on their face since birth. My daughter would have probably done just fine without the oxygen but my son is a little more iffy with it. So I was worried that we would come to some problems with trying to give them oxygen and take it off for pictures. But once we actually got there and started doing it, it wasn't bad at all and the babies did great."



Annaliese fell into a pretty nice sleep towards the end and let me have a little bit of extra fun.


I think they are beautiful with or without the tubes. Annaliese will hopefully be oxygen free in the very near future!! That is so exciting.


At their last check up Annaliese weighed 10lbs 15oz and Aiden was 11lbs 6oz. Way to grow, sweethearts!


I truly cannot say enough how I was personally touched by Gabriella (and Tanner). I know those babies are blessings to them, but they are also blessings to those babies. What an amazing couple, and amazing parents.



I hope you both are blessed with much sleep and rest soon. I could see how exhausted Tanner was during our session. Between work and school and then caring for the twins, I'm telling you that you are amazing. Both of you. That is so much to balance, you are doing wonderful.

Thank you so much for allowing me to freeze this moment in time for you. Much love.






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Mother & Daughter Tutu Shoot!  


I was putting something away in my closet today. The very top shelf. The one I have to tippy toe to reach. I saw my pink tutu sitting there. Hot pink with sparkles, a crumbled mess. Still sprinkled with chalk dust. No, this isn’t a memory of my childhood. I wore it in October 2012 for The Color Run in Des Moines with my husband and oldest son.   

Anyway, I got to thinking how I can’t wait to wear a tutu with my own little girl (Not necessarily for a 5K) Poses, lighting, and images of lighthearted play came rushing into my mind. I can hardly wait to do those things with her. Yes, I will look silly, but to my princess I’m the queen, and those are memories she’ll treasure, and memories that I will treasure, and they will be captured when the time comes!

So, in light of this, I want to do something special for the moms & daughters out there. Moms & daughters are awesome. This won’t be coming about until the weather is a bit warmer, probably the end of April or sometime in May.

Moms, grab your daughters for a tutu shoot! We’ll spend some time photographing you and your daughter(s) playing, talking, giggling, being silly….. all in a tutu. Yes. You must wear a tutu!! There’s something carefree and fun about a tutu. Let yourself be a little girl with your daughter.

These sessions will go around 20 minutes and are free of charge and includes one photo via online download (additional photos may be purchased). BUT, you MUST wear tutus to participate!

There are several local ladies that make tutus (Giggles & Frills is who I use) or you can make your own. I'll have two available for rent via Giggles & Frills for the sessions for moms only.

If you are interested in staying up to date on the details surrounding this fun, send me a message on Facebook with your e-mail or an e-mail stating you'd like more info in time, and I’ll put you on the list for session details. You have nothing to lose here!

Space is limited and all spots will be filled on a first come, first served basis. You have no obligation to reserve a spot now, but you will be contacted first when spots & date(s) come open.

I know you probably have important little men in your life, too, but right now, just the little (or bigger!) ladies, please! All ages welcome! If you are pregnant and you know that you are expecting a girl, please know you are included!

Hope to hear from you soon! No excuses!!!


:) Blessings,



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That moment when your wife... This is a familiar view...



If you can think back to last November, I shared photos of a proposal in a local coffee shop (Tazza Bella). You can see them on my Facebook page here. I advise starting from photo #1 and clicking through them in order if you decide to have a peek ;) Well, those two were wed on June 29 this year:



 At the end of last month I got a message from Grace. We planned to meet at the coffee shop on the 2nd to discuss the details on this role reversal that would go down on the 5th, exactly one year after the proposal took place.

Things we going great, the barista was in, cup was selected for the message... and then a forgotten detail surfaced. Tuesday wouldn't work at all. So right then, Grace decided we'd do it "Right now!"

I went home and grabbed my camera and went right back to the coffee shop and quickly got set up. Grace went home to get Seth so they could have a late lunch date at the coffee shop. Which wasn't unusual, because he had actually won a free lunch there recently, and had been asking Grace to go... even that morning.

The barista had helped by rearranging tables while I was gone, and we were able to fine tune the positions just minutes before they arrived...

They arrive...

The hot seat. Seth just doesn't know it's hot yet.


A little friendly conversation... loosening up.... getting the jitters out.

Grace's smoothie has been served. Of course Seth would like to try it. I believe something like this happened last year...

They are seriously adorable, are they not? <3

All about sharing. Poor Grace had already eaten during our meeting.

"I love you Seth..." or maybe something like "Get ready..."


Seth got up at this time. I honestly thought he was going to come back and open the door. You just never know with these two.


Look at the above photo.... now look at the photo below. Grace's legs went from crossed to uncrossed. That's our signal for "I'm about to tip my cup." And when my heart started racing. Oh, these moments are hard to beat :)

Grace's expression here is so much like's Seth's was right before he took that revealing drink. I just love that moment right before something exciting. Especially when only one party knows.

And here it is. I am SO SORRY, Seth, that it happened to be right when you were taking a bite! But, it is what it is.

I LOVED this moment. Right here.... bam. Head down. I really wonder at this point what he's thinking.

Still thinking.... processing, I'm sure. Grace does one last drink to make sure he saw it. Oh... he totally saw it. A little smirk on his face now.


Here I imagine Seth thinking, "For real?" The emotions play out so quickly. Shock, wonder....

... and happiness. Oh, she so got you.

This is my signal that I can be made known. "Of course you would be in on this.", says Seth. Such a good sport.


A shot from the other side of the glass. All smiles!! YEA! So, if you didn't see Grace's post on Facebook, and are reading this from another source, what did the cup say? I totally hear a "The Fox" parody in my head. Moving on before it sticks too long...



Naturally... Seth, you're going to be a Daddy...



She's glowing already.


Can I just say how in AWE I am that Grace was able to keep this under wraps for like... 4 days? I think it paid off, though. These two are never going to be able to relax in this coffee shop. And I am SO happy that I was able to capture these priceless moments for them to re-live.

I teased her about doing a gender reveal with the sex written on the bottom of the cups and drinking them facing one another... I seriously think that's how it should go down... ;)

Congratulations, again. You two are going to be AMAZING parents of a beautiful baby hand crafted by God. Many blessings and well wishes for this new chapter in your life.

Boy, those first chapters were short ;)


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Booking a Newborn Photographer Why book a photographer to take pictures of your newborn?  

You're so in love with your little one... staring at her sleeping smiles, her little yawns, and touching her tiny.... oh so tiny... feet. Counting each toe again, and again, tapping them softly as you do. Kissing her cheeks, her head, her nose. Patting her little diapered bottom and feeling the joy of how her head fits right into the palm of your hand when you lean her back to take in the beauty that God has knit together so perfectly. She sighs and her tiny hand grasps your finger. Such sweet little fingers she has. She'll lose that grasping reflex in a couple of months... all of this won't last long.

Being a newborn only lasts 2 weeks. And often, the newborn-ness wears off sooner than that. Your baby starts sleeping less, becomes a little less flexible, and you see a lot more of those shiny eyes! Which are beautiful, but it's a sign that your baby is leveling up. It passes so quickly. But you can preserve it in the form of photos, a window to your memories.

 I highly, highly suggest booking a newborn photographer. It's 2-3 hours (or a little more) of your time, that you give up now, that will be turned into an eternity of memories and happiness. We take care to book a wedding photographer when we get married, a senior photographer when we graduate, all the big (and sometimes little) events in our lives we take care to hire a professional. This should be an event worth photographing, worth preserving. You'll do it when she turns one, why not when she's just days fresh to this world? Do it!! You will not regret this.

The best time to book a newborn photographer is at the start of your second trimester, or even sooner. Most of the time, babies pick when they arrive and waiting to schedule when they get here means you may not get the photographer you want, or you may not be able to get professional photos at all.  So schedule sooner, rather than later, and notify your photographer as soon as baby gets here so your session can be set up.

The weeks leading up to the birth of your little one may have crawled by, but once he gets here, HELLO! Slow down! You're sucked into a time vortex. What day is it? What time is it? Did I eat today? Have I slept yet?  When did I shower?  So, seriously... put your photographer on your hospital call list!

Of course *I* would love to be that photographer for you, and I offer a few different types of newborn sessions that you can choose from that will fit your needs. I also offer custom birth announcements, prints, albums, and other goodies, so contact me for pricing and details.

The First Year Collection starts with your maternity session and ends with a first birthday session. Contact me for details if you're interested in capturing these milestones, too!

Enjoy your bump.... and your baby!  I hope to hear from you, and if I don't, I hope some other fabulous photographer does :)



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Diaper Cakes by Giggles & Frills  



  The owner of Giggles & Frills (also my friend!) made this awesome fall themed diaper cake for me! Is it not amazing?! I LOVE LOVE LOVE fall, so, naturally, I love this! Everything on this cake is practical and will be used on my little Apple or in my home!


The top tier of the cake features a sprig of fall leaves, squash, pumpkin, and corn, which I will place with my other fall décor once I get it out. I have to tell you that I don't even want to take this cake apart because it's so beautiful and makes me happy just looking at it!


Ok, so I have to be honest that my eyes didn't go to this one right away, but now I'm just in love with it as much as the other two (maybe even more?!) It's a little white flower on bits of green tulle that match the green in the tutu. In the center of the flower is a simple, rhinestone. All of this sweetness on a thin, elastic headband. Simple and elegant. It's clean, beautiful, and fresh like the air in early fall. Which is why it reminds me of September, when the greens start to fade... and I get all excited for the changing weather.


Moving along to the next hair accessory on the cake, or to my baby "head piece" as they don't really seem to get the hang of growing hair until they are 2 :) Ok, I LOVE this one. From the burnt orange, coppery shimmer, to the intricate placement of beads in the center that remind me of little marshmallows around a campfire. This is on an ivory lace band (see next photo). This one shouts FALL to me, and I loooooove that! It's rustic, chic, and delicate. It reminds me of October with it's orangey hue. I think if this had a scent, it would smell like Bath & Body Works Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin.


The last hair accessory on this cake is this little beauty with 3 flowers. Each one is soft to the touch. The largest has a nice shimmer to it, and makes me think of burlap & scarecrows. It has those same yummy marshmallow beads. The brown one reminds me of a mug of hot cocoa. Rich, and warm. And then the tiny flower is a soft yellow lace that matches the yellow in the tutu. Both of those feature an amber colored rhinestone in the center. So much detail pulled together so beautifully! This piece reminds me of late fall, in November when the trees have lost most of their leaves, but retain their beauty. The harvest coming in and a Thanksgiving meal. I love it.


The tutu.... I. Love. Every. Single. Color. Awesome, so perfect, so fabulous. It's candy apples, fall leaves, hot cocoa, and hay rack rides. The tulle is tied around an ivory, chenille, newborn sized tube top, that is so soft. SO. SOFT. It's so soft that I can hardly feel it when I touch it. Much like a newborn baby's skin. Sigh :) You can see it in the photos of the hair accessories above. The tube top conceals the top tier of diapers, and the tulle from the tutu sits between the top and bottom layer, all the way around (see second photo)


And last, but not least, the bones of this amazing creation: Diapers. About 55 Pampers Swaddlers Size 1 Diapers. Tied together with brown ribbon, which I will totally find a use for somewhere! You can see that in the top photo. Apparently I didn't upload that photo. Ha.

This is AMAZING. I'm not even kidding. I love that I'm getting a daughter to dress up with all of this stuff, and the fact that it gets to be fall themed is the icing (or hair accessories?!) on the cake. I'm so excited!! Like, so excited, that if you're having a baby girl in November or December and book a newborn session with me, I will have one of these custom made for you in the colors of your choice. 3 hair accessories, and a tutu, with the diapers... you get the idea :)

This cake is a steal at around $50. So, even if you're not interested in newborn photos (SAD FACE!!!) this is a great, GREAT gift for someone expecting a little girl. Brianne has a great eye for coordinating colors and putting things together so they are harmonious. You won't be sorry :)







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Fall-iday Mini Sessions!

I feel like I should start this blog with "Christmas is fast approaching!", but it really isn't. It's still just under 5 months away. It's quite a ways off, really. However, with the birth of our princess coming next month (EEEE!) I'm taking some time off in September and October (two of my most favorite months to shoot in!) so, no mini sessions will be offered in those 2 months, and I'll be spending a lot of my time snuggling a bundle of PINK.

But, wait! Mini sessions will still be offered this fall! Just a little later (but not TOO late!) in November! Will the leaves be spectacular? Probably not, but they'll probably be pretty crunchy! Will it be a little chilly? Yeah, probably. Will the photos still be great? YES! Early November is a great time to have photos done, too! Hats, scarves, boots, and mittens adorn little people and parents, alike. There are some fabulous fashion statements to be made when fall starts to turn colder... and moments of snuggling together to be captured. Or just have the kids participate and play in the leaves.


Yes, two dates... two themes!!


November 2- These are going to be the fall themed sessions. Here I'll have a simple fall set up (or two) You can always completely skip the themes and go with YOU, too. It's not required :)







November 3- These are going to be the holiday themed sessions. Here I'll have a simple holiday set up (or two) Same here, you can always skip this. I have something extra fun and unique planned for the holiday sessions that kids will LOVE, and will create a little extra "magic" in your photos ;) But I'm not saying yet what that is! Even if you're a kid at heart, you'll love it, too.








Session location will be at my property south of town.

Please contact me with any questions you may have about the sessions. If you'd like to reserve, I do require a $50 deposit at the time of booking. In the event of rain, sessions will be moved to the following weekend.


Here's one of the pieces that will be in a set from each day. It will be a pumpkin stand for the fall, and a Christmas tree stand for the holiday! Details, décor, and signage are not finished yet, but I'm super excited to be using this rustic piece to spice up the minis this year!! Thanks to my oldest for modeling for me ;)




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Your Maternity Session


If you have a maternity session with me this year, or you’re having your photos done by someone else, this info may be helpful to you.

As this journey you’re experiencing with your baby nears its end, it’s time to celebrate this short but precious moment. Never again will you feel this baby from the inside. The kicks, hiccups, and pokes. Pregnancy isn’t pain free, I know, but new life is a miracle, and that is what we’re celebrating. When you look back on your maternity photos years from now. I want you to place your hand on your belly and remember this cherished time when you and your baby were as close as two people can ever physically be. I want you to feel the emotions you’re experiencing now, in the following years. And most importantly, I want you to smile and be happy that you made a decision to have this brief, but so important moment in your lives captured.

There are some things you can do to assist me in making your photos the memories you and I want them to be. So, here are some tips, from me, on my style and preference for maternity photos.


*I love hair worn down. It gives the photos such a natural, relaxed feel. During pregnancy the cycle of hair loss slows  down, so your locks should rock right now. After birth, the process starts up again… and makes up for lost time *tears*

 *Look nice. Put effort into how you’re dressed. It will boost your confidence in front of the camera. Please avoid wearing overly casual clothes if possible.

*Pay attention to your nails. Fingers and toes! I like bare feet, so get a pedi, or have Daddy help out with some awesome polish. You'll probably have your hands on your belly at some point during the session. Look pretty, feel pretty, let that pregnancy glow loose!! 

*If you decide to wear a dress/skirt, longer is better. Remember, you’ll probably be sitting down at some point during the session. I prefer this look. It’s softer. I like that.

*I’m a fan of lighter fabric. Both in material and color. Stay away from ultra busy patterns, logos, and words on shirts (unless you're using the shirt as a prop. i.e. "Coming Fall 2013") Think simple and sweet! But BE COMFORTABLE!!!

*If you’re including your other children & Daddy, please coordinate their outfits with yours. This doesn’t mean you all wear the exact same color. Just make sure you look like you belong together. Again, keep it simple, and try to avoid contrasting outfits, such as some in black and some in white.

*If you have younger children that will be included in the session, it would be a good idea to have another adult tag along with you, as I’m not able to care for children and photograph you at the same time… assuming you’d like to have some photos alone and also with your partner.

*Bring something to drink (water is probably the best choice) for after your session, or having a bottle handy during the session. Pregnancy can be exhausting, I want to make sure you’re comfortable during and afterwards, especially in the summer months. Tell me if you need a break. It’s very, very, VERY OK to say “Hey, I need to sit and rest.”

*Please communicate to me any ideas you’d like to incorporate into your session in advance. You may e-mail me examples of photos, or share your Pinterest board with me. Be aware that photography is an art, and the photographer (artist) may see a pose, or scene differently than another photographer, so you may not get exactly what you’ve shared. I’ll probably have my own twist or view on the photo and what would work better for the location, time of day, and your family.

*Be patient, relax, and enjoy this time with you and your baby!

If you have any questions, please ask! And thank you so much for choosing me to capture the miracle of growing new life!

**side note: Maternity photos are best done between 32 and 36 weeks, my personal experience. It could be sooner if you’re carrying multiples, or you’re one to “pop” early. During a maternity session, there will be walking, sitting, bending, and standing, and moving, so you don’t want to be so big that you’ll be terribly uncomfortable doing any of these things, but you'll want to have an obvious baby bump. Book your photographer at the start of your second trimester to secure a spot. You don't want to miss this opportunity!


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{ Cropping Guide }  

This post is for my clients. As you know, digital files are included with all of my sessions. If you're ordering through me, I'll generally alert you if I'm questioning a crop and direct you to one that is better fit or add a border to preserve the ratio.

Well, now you can have a peek here at crop ratios before you place your order. I'll probably include this guide with digital files from now on so you can refer to it with a little more ease.

It's pretty self explanatory... enjoy :)



Please don't copy and share this image. I downloaded this template from the fabulous Hazy Skies Designs as a freebie for January 2013. I did, however, add in a 10x13 crop, because I find it a common order size from my clients. Anyway, you can get it here. And while you're there, check out the other stuff Roxanne has. Always fabulous :)




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Before & After: Lion cubs.... in Africa!  

I'm trying to start this little segment of Before & Afters here on the blog. I was inspired to do so by the photo featured in this one.

Wayco, a friend of mine, captured this scene on Christmas Day 2010 in East Africa (Specifically on a safari in Maasai Mara)  which proved to be rich with lions. I was flipping through the photos of his trip and this one really caught my eye. I made a comment that I'd love to edit it, and he sent it to me. Oh, happy day! I had at least 5 alternative edits and a black and white. But I chose this one to be my final edit choice to share.

The original photo stands well alone, with no editing, I'd like to make that clear. It probably wouldn't have caught my eye if the capture and frame weren't so fabulous. But I had another vision for it, and I wanted to see if I could make it happen.

I cropped it slightly and removed a few weeds around the lions. That's not something I'd normally do, but I decided to do it here. I honestly don't think it makes that big of a difference in the end. I adjusted the white balance, boosted contrast a bit, added a few different tones to warm it up a touch, and did a little sharpening.

The resized image your viewing shows the lions slightly sharper than I'd like to see, you'll just have to hang with me on that one :) I did use a couple of actions from Oh So Posh & Florabella in which I adjusted the opacity of layers or turned them off/on to my liking. Mostly, just my edits, but I want to give credit where it is due.


Nikon D90 with 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 Nikkor lens; 10/8000 sec at f/5.6; ISO 1000.

Thanks so much for letting me edit this photo and feature it here, Wayco! Awesome capture :) If you'd like to view more of his photos from this particular trip, you can view them here. And I highly suggest it :)

I look forward to doing more of these. It really puts another dimension into editing for me because I wasn't there for the photo, so I'm seeing things only how my mind makes them be, which is kind of fun. I have someone going out on assignment and in the next couple of months I'll get to edit something... flowery :) But I hope to get another Before & After in before that one comes up.


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Spring Sessions  



 I'm currently taking reservations for sessions in May and June!

By making a reservation, you're reserving a a slot in a given month. I only allow for a certain number of slots per month. So once they are full, they are full.

 I generally don't  schedule more than a month out. I'll contact you in the month before your session to get a set date, time, and place for the session to take place.

As of right now, I won't be shooting on Saturdays in these months due to weddings. This may change. However, if you're looking for something on a Saturday for sure, hang out until I open up July and August. I will keep you posted.

I look forward to reserving your session!


God Bless,















































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