June Mini Details!

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Since June is still a month and a half or so away, I’m not able to provide accurate examples of the sets right now, so I’m just going to describe them to you the best that I can until it gets closer.


June 2- East Lake (Family)

If you’re looking for open spaces, or some warm sunlight in your family photos, this is the day for you. Lake, trees, open fields. Simple and clean, with ample room to run about or just sit in the grass and smile. Furry family members welcome!



June 3- Oakland Mills (Family)

If you’re looking for something a little more rustic for your family photos, this day is for you. Bridge, river, rocks, and trees provide a naturally beautiful set.  Walking hand in hand and just enjoying being together.  It kind of speaks for itself.



June 5- Country Bubble Bath (Kids)

This is for babies sitting up well to age 5 or 6. If you have multiple children, fear not… though the tub may not fit two, we can get them all in the photo in some adorable ways. There will be bubbles (Baby Magic), and the water will be warm. Undergarment cover provided. Please have kids in swim diaper if not potty trained. Fresh water changes and cleanse between sessions. Some little extra details will be about the tub. A smaller tub (bowl) will be used for babies and the larger metal wash tub for the older kids. I’m not sure yet where I’ll have the set for certain yet, but either in front of a fence or in open grass. These would make for fantastic photos to display in your mud room or bathroom... or any room you'd like to smile in. Your kids will love this, so will you.

  7:15 * 7:45

The bubble bath sessions would be smashing for babies and toddlers that aren't big smilers. My 2 little boys didn't want to get out, and they do not like their pictures taken. They were so caught up in the fun of taking a bath outside, they weren't even paying attention.  My 6 year old is the one splashing. I'd probably not go over 5 or 6 years of age for the actual bath, depending on personality of your kiddo. :)


June 6- Free Style (Family & Kids)

I previously had a laundry theme here, but no interest was given, so I'm opening it up to families and kids!! This time of day is magical. Perfect for family photos, or your little ones in the open grass.

 7:15 *  7:45


June 7- (Family or Kids)

Free Style (family or kids)- Hang out in the shade with your family on a quilt spread on the ground. Laugh and giggle or smile and look at me. This is a free style session and you can do whatever you want!

 5:00 * 5:30 * 6:00

Tire swings (family or kids)- I am so super excited to use my “new” tire swings. So much fun for kids (and adults!)  A unique touch for family photos.



Please reserve one of these sessions for your children and family that are timeless pieces that you can display and enjoy forever.  Seriously… country bubble bath… come on. Show me some chunky babies having fun in the bubbles!

I have lots of time slots, lots of options, you get to choose! But if you just can’t decide what you’d like to do, schedule a full session and we can do several of these things!

Mini sessions are $125 and include 5 digital images with print release. Each session lasts 15 to 20 minutes.


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