Baby Maddex | Southeast Iowa Newborn Photographer

December 11, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I am so excited for you to meet Mr. Maddex and his family! There are few things I learned about this guy during his just shy of 2 weeks life.

1- He likes his pacifier. A LOT

2- He likes to be awake when he "should" be sleeping

3- He likes to eat often (which could be said for most newborns)

4- He loves his mommy, daddy, and big brother

5- He is adorable


He certainly is a blessing! Here's a little more than a peek...



We spent a lot of time on the couches. Snuggling and feeding...



And counting fingers.


I suppose I could add a number 6 above in that he looked at me for this photo. Score!


Brothers. Pretty sure Maddex is throwing up the peace sign.

Daddy teasing big brother with the pacifier.

Counting toes!


Big brother picked out this special ornament for Baby Maddex

Counting again ;)


Playing with Mommy's hair

Allison, you are such a beautiful mother!


And then he fell asleep for 2 minutes. This is the only way he would chill in the basket. I guess we'll just roll with the boss!

Even when he slept... he was awake ;)

Woot, woot! For the Hawk fans! (That was hard to type...) Look at all that tiny,  smooshed baby goodness!



This lamp was awesome! Elephants galore. (Free-lensing on this shot for those curious why it's super blurry to one side)

The good stuff.

 This mobile is so awesome!! His auntie made it for him. Such a crafter she is.



Yes you are, Baby Maddex. Yes, you are.




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