Fall-iday Mini Sessions!

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I feel like I should start this blog with "Christmas is fast approaching!", but it really isn't. It's still just under 5 months away. It's quite a ways off, really. However, with the birth of our princess coming next month (EEEE!) I'm taking some time off in September and October (two of my most favorite months to shoot in!) so, no mini sessions will be offered in those 2 months, and I'll be spending a lot of my time snuggling a bundle of PINK.

But, wait! Mini sessions will still be offered this fall! Just a little later (but not TOO late!) in November! Will the leaves be spectacular? Probably not, but they'll probably be pretty crunchy! Will it be a little chilly? Yeah, probably. Will the photos still be great? YES! Early November is a great time to have photos done, too! Hats, scarves, boots, and mittens adorn little people and parents, alike. There are some fabulous fashion statements to be made when fall starts to turn colder... and moments of snuggling together to be captured. Or just have the kids participate and play in the leaves.


Yes, two dates... two themes!!


November 2- These are going to be the fall themed sessions. Here I'll have a simple fall set up (or two) You can always completely skip the themes and go with YOU, too. It's not required :)







November 3- These are going to be the holiday themed sessions. Here I'll have a simple holiday set up (or two) Same here, you can always skip this. I have something extra fun and unique planned for the holiday sessions that kids will LOVE, and will create a little extra "magic" in your photos ;) But I'm not saying yet what that is! Even if you're a kid at heart, you'll love it, too.








Session location will be at my property south of town.

Please contact me with any questions you may have about the sessions. If you'd like to reserve, I do require a $50 deposit at the time of booking. In the event of rain, sessions will be moved to the following weekend.


Here's one of the pieces that will be in a set from each day. It will be a pumpkin stand for the fall, and a Christmas tree stand for the holiday! Details, décor, and signage are not finished yet, but I'm super excited to be using this rustic piece to spice up the minis this year!! Thanks to my oldest for modeling for me ;)





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