Diaper Cakes by Giggles & Frills

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  The owner of Giggles & Frills (also my friend!) made this awesome fall themed diaper cake for me! Is it not amazing?! I LOVE LOVE LOVE fall, so, naturally, I love this! Everything on this cake is practical and will be used on my little Apple or in my home!


The top tier of the cake features a sprig of fall leaves, squash, pumpkin, and corn, which I will place with my other fall décor once I get it out. I have to tell you that I don't even want to take this cake apart because it's so beautiful and makes me happy just looking at it!


Ok, so I have to be honest that my eyes didn't go to this one right away, but now I'm just in love with it as much as the other two (maybe even more?!) It's a little white flower on bits of green tulle that match the green in the tutu. In the center of the flower is a simple, rhinestone. All of this sweetness on a thin, elastic headband. Simple and elegant. It's clean, beautiful, and fresh like the air in early fall. Which is why it reminds me of September, when the greens start to fade... and I get all excited for the changing weather.


Moving along to the next hair accessory on the cake, or to my baby "head piece" as they don't really seem to get the hang of growing hair until they are 2 :) Ok, I LOVE this one. From the burnt orange, coppery shimmer, to the intricate placement of beads in the center that remind me of little marshmallows around a campfire. This is on an ivory lace band (see next photo). This one shouts FALL to me, and I loooooove that! It's rustic, chic, and delicate. It reminds me of October with it's orangey hue. I think if this had a scent, it would smell like Bath & Body Works Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin.


The last hair accessory on this cake is this little beauty with 3 flowers. Each one is soft to the touch. The largest has a nice shimmer to it, and makes me think of burlap & scarecrows. It has those same yummy marshmallow beads. The brown one reminds me of a mug of hot cocoa. Rich, and warm. And then the tiny flower is a soft yellow lace that matches the yellow in the tutu. Both of those feature an amber colored rhinestone in the center. So much detail pulled together so beautifully! This piece reminds me of late fall, in November when the trees have lost most of their leaves, but retain their beauty. The harvest coming in and a Thanksgiving meal. I love it.


The tutu.... I. Love. Every. Single. Color. Awesome, so perfect, so fabulous. It's candy apples, fall leaves, hot cocoa, and hay rack rides. The tulle is tied around an ivory, chenille, newborn sized tube top, that is so soft. SO. SOFT. It's so soft that I can hardly feel it when I touch it. Much like a newborn baby's skin. Sigh :) You can see it in the photos of the hair accessories above. The tube top conceals the top tier of diapers, and the tulle from the tutu sits between the top and bottom layer, all the way around (see second photo)


And last, but not least, the bones of this amazing creation: Diapers. About 55 Pampers Swaddlers Size 1 Diapers. Tied together with brown ribbon, which I will totally find a use for somewhere! You can see that in the top photo. Apparently I didn't upload that photo. Ha.

This is AMAZING. I'm not even kidding. I love that I'm getting a daughter to dress up with all of this stuff, and the fact that it gets to be fall themed is the icing (or hair accessories?!) on the cake. I'm so excited!! Like, so excited, that if you're having a baby girl in November or December and book a newborn session with me, I will have one of these custom made for you in the colors of your choice. 3 hair accessories, and a tutu, with the diapers... you get the idea :)

This cake is a steal at around $50. So, even if you're not interested in newborn photos (SAD FACE!!!) this is a great, GREAT gift for someone expecting a little girl. Brianne has a great eye for coordinating colors and putting things together so they are harmonious. You won't be sorry :)








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