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If you have a maternity session with me this year, or you’re having your photos done by someone else, this info may be helpful to you.

As this journey you’re experiencing with your baby nears its end, it’s time to celebrate this short but precious moment. Never again will you feel this baby from the inside. The kicks, hiccups, and pokes. Pregnancy isn’t pain free, I know, but new life is a miracle, and that is what we’re celebrating. When you look back on your maternity photos years from now. I want you to place your hand on your belly and remember this cherished time when you and your baby were as close as two people can ever physically be. I want you to feel the emotions you’re experiencing now, in the following years. And most importantly, I want you to smile and be happy that you made a decision to have this brief, but so important moment in your lives captured.

There are some things you can do to assist me in making your photos the memories you and I want them to be. So, here are some tips, from me, on my style and preference for maternity photos.


*I love hair worn down. It gives the photos such a natural, relaxed feel. During pregnancy the cycle of hair loss slows  down, so your locks should rock right now. After birth, the process starts up again… and makes up for lost time *tears*

 *Look nice. Put effort into how you’re dressed. It will boost your confidence in front of the camera. Please avoid wearing overly casual clothes if possible.

*Pay attention to your nails. Fingers and toes! I like bare feet, so get a pedi, or have Daddy help out with some awesome polish. You'll probably have your hands on your belly at some point during the session. Look pretty, feel pretty, let that pregnancy glow loose!! 

*If you decide to wear a dress/skirt, longer is better. Remember, you’ll probably be sitting down at some point during the session. I prefer this look. It’s softer. I like that.

*I’m a fan of lighter fabric. Both in material and color. Stay away from ultra busy patterns, logos, and words on shirts (unless you're using the shirt as a prop. i.e. "Coming Fall 2013") Think simple and sweet! But BE COMFORTABLE!!!

*If you’re including your other children & Daddy, please coordinate their outfits with yours. This doesn’t mean you all wear the exact same color. Just make sure you look like you belong together. Again, keep it simple, and try to avoid contrasting outfits, such as some in black and some in white.

*If you have younger children that will be included in the session, it would be a good idea to have another adult tag along with you, as I’m not able to care for children and photograph you at the same time… assuming you’d like to have some photos alone and also with your partner.

*Bring something to drink (water is probably the best choice) for after your session, or having a bottle handy during the session. Pregnancy can be exhausting, I want to make sure you’re comfortable during and afterwards, especially in the summer months. Tell me if you need a break. It’s very, very, VERY OK to say “Hey, I need to sit and rest.”

*Please communicate to me any ideas you’d like to incorporate into your session in advance. You may e-mail me examples of photos, or share your Pinterest board with me. Be aware that photography is an art, and the photographer (artist) may see a pose, or scene differently than another photographer, so you may not get exactly what you’ve shared. I’ll probably have my own twist or view on the photo and what would work better for the location, time of day, and your family.

*Be patient, relax, and enjoy this time with you and your baby!

If you have any questions, please ask! And thank you so much for choosing me to capture the miracle of growing new life!

**side note: Maternity photos are best done between 32 and 36 weeks, my personal experience. It could be sooner if you’re carrying multiples, or you’re one to “pop” early. During a maternity session, there will be walking, sitting, bending, and standing, and moving, so you don’t want to be so big that you’ll be terribly uncomfortable doing any of these things, but you'll want to have an obvious baby bump. Book your photographer at the start of your second trimester to secure a spot. You don't want to miss this opportunity!



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